Cat 6 And Low Voltage Cable Ethernet

The Fundamentals Of Cat 6

For all Austin, Texas 'techies,' this blog topic needs no explanation. For those who are not quite 'tech-minded,' ATX electrical will guide clients to understand the latest ethernet cable. In a nutshell, Cat 6 low voltage ethernet cable is all about attaining a faster internet connection! You may stop reading now and contact ATX electrical or continue to read about the basic terms of CAT, Ethernet, Internet, Internet speed, bandwidth, and crosstalk.


The ethernet, which came to be in 1980, is the means of connecting computers and other network devices in a physical space, also called a LAN, local area network, or WAN, wide area network. Ethernet cable connections allow communication with other computers via computer protocol, a common network language. An ethernet cable 'hardwires' a computer to an internet connection.


The Internet is also a communication between computer networks using WAN, wide area network, connection. The Internet or 'net' communicates via wires, cables, radio waves, and other networking infrastructure. The Internet data is translated into pulses of light or electricity, called 'bits,' and interpreted by the computer. For high-speed connections, wired broadband is the option. Wi-Fi internet connection does not need wires and cables.

Internet Speed:

The speed of the Internet refers to how fast data is transmitted, usually measured in megabits per second (Mbps). MHz is the microprocessor clock speed.


Bandwidth refers to the amount of data connection at any moment and is also measured in Mbps, with Gbps becoming more common (billions of gigs per second) Higher bandwidth means faster data transfer. Cat 6 cables operate at a frequency of 250 MHz, compared to the 100 MHz of Cat 5es


Crosstalk provides near-end and far-end data (talk) with fewer errors, less system noise, and faster data transmission rates.

Why Hire An Electrician?

Installation of the Cat 6 low voltage ethernet cable is best entrusted to the licensed electricians at ATX electrical. The installation involves cutting through drywall, drilling holes in floors, and handling electrical wires involved with the cable. Cat 6 ethernet cable contains four pairs of colored wires that need to be separated, fanned out, and aligned with the correct slots.

The professionals of ATX electrical know how to snip excess cabling, strip cables properly, and thread exposed wires. These low voltage cables need to be installed a foot away, at minimum, from the main electrical wires of the home and run parallel with all cables. If the cable is run too close to higher voltage wiring, signal interference can affect the data cables.

When it comes to doing any household electrical installations — Austin, Texas residents choose the friendly licensed electricians at ATX electrical!

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