Home Safety Electrical Inspections With ATX Electrical

What Is A Home Safety Electrical Inspection?

The adage ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ is not a sound philosophy to adhere to when it comes to the complexity of electrical systems in homes and businesses of the metropolitan area of Austin, Texas.

Home electrical systems consist of an electrical panel, circuit breakers, and circuits providing 120 volts of AC (alternating current) via hot wires flowing to electrical outlets and neutral wires flowing back to the electrical panel. This smooth flow is taken for granted until an electrical overload, or short circuit, brings Austin, Texas homeowners wailing for not availing of periodic home safety electrical inspections.

A home safety electrical inspection by a licensed electrician of ATX Electrical ensures system wiring and electrical appliances comply with the NEC, National Electric Code standards.

Three Types Of Home Safety Electrical Inspections

There are three main categories for the inspection of a home’s electrical system:

Rough-in electrical inspection: The rough-in electrical inspection involves the checking of all wires, insulated conduits, protective tubes for wiring, and the electrical panel. The rough-in inspection looks to eliminate any fire hazards.

Service Inspection: The service inspection is the second stage of the electrical review, which involves the electrician ensuring the electrical panel is installed, fastened, and grounded correctly to avoid the risk of electrical shock.

Final Inspection: In the concluding inspection, trial runs are conducted to ensure the system operates efficiently in accord with the national standards of the NEC, National Electric Code — overall, checking for any potential electrical hazards that can put the household at risk for fire.

Common Problems Discovered By Home Safety Inspections

Ungrounded Receptacles: An ungrounded electrical receptacle, commonly called an electric outlet, having only two slots to plug an appliance into with no third slot for the ground wire, requires installation of 3-slotted outlets, called GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets, in compliance with the National Electric Code.

Double Tapped Circuit Breakers: When two wires connect to one circuit breaker in the electrical panel, such a situation leads to bad electrical connections, arcing currents, and the potential for fire. Double tapped circuit breakers are a double 'NO-NO.'

Exposed Light Bulbs In Closets: Light bulbs can give off quite a bit of heat and must be covered by some form of housing when in the tight quarters of a closet.

Wrong Covers On Outdoor Receptacles: Outdoor electric receptacles require a bubble cover to protect from moisture. Any 15- and 20-amp outlets in areas of wetness, such as bath, kitchen, or laundry room, should be rated weather resistant with a reset button. All electric outlets, indoors or out, must be tamper-resistant to prevent children from inserting metal objects into the outlet.

Unfilled Spaces In Electrical Panels: Any unfilled spaces within an electrical panel require filler plates compatible with the panel's manufacturer to avoid shocks or sparks flowing from those unfilled spaces. These filler plates also keep insects from crawling into the panel.

Benefits Of A Home Safety Electrical Inspection

Home safety electrical inspections of Austin, Texas homes should be performed at a minimum every three to five years. Annual reviews are best to ensure peace of mind and such tangible benefits as:

Saving The Green: The upgrading of home wiring allows for a more efficient system, saving money on the monthly electric bills and providing an eco-friendly 'green' home.

Increased Longevity To Appliances: Avoid damaging home appliances by faulty electrical wiring.

Family Safety: Electrical overloads, short circuits, circuit breaker tripping, electric shocks, or electrocution — need we say more? The number one reason for annual home safety electrical inspections for Austin, Texas homeowners is to keep self and loved ones safe from the devastation of a home fire!

Contact the professionals of ATX Electrical to arrange an appointment for a home safety electrical inspection and keep a smooth flow to the home glow!

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