New Home Construction And ATX Electrical

The Professional Expertise Of New Home Construction

The construction of a new home in the metropolitan area of Austin, Texas begins with purchasing a parcel of land, arranging for financing, and consulting with an architect to draw the blueprint, as described by the builder and homeowner.

With the blueprints completed, there comes the physical construction of the house. Building the home requires a general contractor manager working with the construction equipment operator to level trees, remove rocks, and grade the lot with bulldozers and backhoes. Next comes the work of a plethora of professional subcontractors: carpenters, masons, roofers, plumbers, and HVAC technicians.

Today's blog is written with a focus on a very crucial subcontractor, the electrician. The electrician consults with the Austin, Texas home buyer, architect, and building contractor regarding the installation of the home electrical system, as well as advising the home buyer of the types and placement of lighting fixtures, outlets, and switches. The electrician is also responsible for ensuring the home's electrical panel is connected correctly to the external power source, the utility pole.

New Home Construction Electrical Walk Through

When the house's basic frame is complete, home buyers should conduct a walk through with the building and electrical contractor. This walk-through will discuss the placement of lighting fixtures, electric outlets, and where the all-important light switches will be. The walk through lets the electrical contractor know precisely where to lay the home wiring before the walls are sealed.

New Home Construction Electrical Checklist

ATX Electrical provides the following ideas for new home buyers of Austin, Texas to consider with regards to the use of the electricity that powers that new home:

Electrical Receptacles: Electrical receptacles are the electric outlets found in a home that supplies power to a range of home appliances and lighting fixtures. A modern home's value is found in sufficient electric outlets in a room for the convenience of moving the TVs, stereos, lamps, and computers whenever and wherever the homeowner chooses, without relying on extension cords.

Outdoor Lighting: Outside motion-activated lighting is becoming more common to illumine a home's walkways, driveway, and home entryway, as well as solar lighting fixtures. Solar lighting systems convert sunlight to electricity and can store this electricity in batteries for lighting paths at night. Patio and landscape lighting is another essential consideration when building that 'dream home.'

Room Lighting: Keep in mind the various types of room lighting available: recessed lighting fixtures, track lighting, ceiling lighting fixtures such as pendants, chandeliers, low-hanging ceiling lights, or ceiling fans. There is also general lighting, known as ambient lighting — in the form of floor lamps and table lamps powerful enough to light the entire room. There is also accent lighting and task lighting. Do not forget the hallways, stairwells, and closets with both overhead and 'underfoot' lighting.

Special Lighting Features: There are many lighting fixture specialties to enhance and highlight the home space and the personality of the homeowner with under-cabinet lighting, lighting of bookshelves or bar cabinets, and wall washers to highlight artwork on the wall.

Smart Home Technology: Tech sharp Austin, Texas home buyers always keep an eye on the future in new home construction plans with appropriate size home wiring that will accommodate the possibility of such smart-home features as scheduling lights in the home to turn on and off automatically, a smart home security system to ensure doors, windows, garage doors are locked automatically, along with automated surveillance cameras to check the interior and exterior of the home. Smart home bathroom features of the future will include smart toilets with motion-activated lids, no-touch flush, self-cleaning, and odor control features. There will be digital showers that automatically set water temperature.

Whether a new home is an automated smart home, a modern one, or an average 'simple' home, ATX Electrical professionals will guide home buyers to the most efficient use of home energy.

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