Keeping Safe With Indoor and Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting

Stating The Stats

As of 2022, the Austin, Texas greater metropolitan area is estimated to have a population of over 2,000,000 persons. This metro area centers on the Texas capital of Austin, the fourth largest city in Texas and the 11th largest city in the United States. The population of Austin is approximately 1,000,000. The Austin metro area has a thriving economy with its many tech businesses, scenic walking, jogging, hiking, and biking trails, area state parks, and natural lakes and rivers for kayaking, boating, cruises, and swimming. There is also a water park for the kids! The heavenly bliss aside, and not to soft-pedal the facts, when a city's population increases, there comes the possibility of good citizens falling victim to crime, particularly property crime. Per a 2020 Texas Public Safety Report, property crime went down in 2020 from 2019, and ATX electrical wants to ensure that this downward trend continues for our neighbors in the Austin, Texas area. One way to keep safe is to consider installing indoor and outdoor motion sensor lighting for a home or business. Such home lighting has numerous benefits that go beyond being a deterrent to criminals.

Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting

A motion sensor light has an electronic 'eye' that detects movement based on the heat waves emitted from a moving object when the object comes into the view of the sensor. A light will come on and remain on, for a designated time or until the movement stops. The following are the benefits of outdoor motion sensor lighting:

Energy Efficiency: Outdoor motion sensor lights save on electric costs because they only go on when someone or something passes in front of the sensor 'eye.' If, however, motion sensor lighting goes on during the day, then energy is being wasted. With a daylight sensor part of the lighting, the light will only turn on when the sun's rays are no longer visible.

Lighting Home And Pathways: Outdoor motion sensor lights eliminate the hazard and hassle of walking up a dark walkway and steps at night and fumbling to get the key into the door lock.

Scare Nocturnal Animals: With apologies to Dorothy, Tin Man, and Scarecrow in the movie classic 'The Wizard Of Oz,' we chant ‘deer, skunks, and raccoons — oh my!’ Send these furry creatures who may ramble and amble over lawns and gardens and knock over trash cans scurrying away with a motion sensor light!

Deter Criminals And Vandals: To minimize mischief on the mind of those who sneak stealthily in the dark of night requires more than just leaving on a front or back porch light. With an outdoor motion sensor light to home or business, the element of surprise can bring criminals to literally 'see the light' and flee! Additionally, a Smart Home Security System provides significant aid to outdoor motion sensor lighting.

Indoor Motion Sensor Lights

The benefits of indoor motion sensor lighting are not unlike those of outdoor motion sensor lighting. Energy Efficiency: With indoor motion sensor lights, the lights are on only when the room is occupied.

Room Entry Ease: No more fumbling to find the wall switch when entering the home's foyer late at night or finding the bathroom light switch when 'nature calls' in the early a.m. hours. The light will go on just by entering the foyer or a room.

Deters Home Invasion: When anyone enters a room containing indoor motion sensor lights, lights will automatically flip on. This can send trespassers entering a home from a window or door, fleeing back out the door or window of entry into the darkness.

Attic Lighting or Closet Lighting: The dark closet or attic is yet another place to install an indoor motion sensor light.

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