Smart Homes And Automation In The 21st Century

The Defining Moment For Smart Homes

When did ‘Smart Homes and Automation’ enter the consciousness of American citizens? For many Americans, the moment came Sunday, September 23, 1962 — with the debut of the Hanna and Barbera animated cartoon ‘classic,’ The Jetsons! The show stayed on the air for only one season, but original episodes were re-run in the mid-1980s, and new episodes were produced from 1985 through 1987. The initial season defined what could be in the future for many of that era and now adults!

The biggest concern of this futuristic family of George and Jane Jetson, daughter Judy, and son Elroy was the 'push-button finger.' Astro, the family 'mutt,' walks with George on a moving sidewalk. George drives to his job at Spacely Sprockets in a flying car; Elroy and Judy use a jetpack on the back to get to school, and school information is accessed with a small hand-held device. Jane chats with her mother and friends and shops via a home video screen. Rosey, the robot, assists with house cleaning, and a robot vacuum whirls around the floors.

‘Plugging In’ To Smart Homes and Automation

In the bygone era of the 20th century, each electrical appliance and the heating and cooling system worked independently of the other, deriving its power from the main electrical panel of the home consisting of circuits and circuit breakers and a multitude of home wiring. The homeowner connected the electric power to the object in question by flipping, turning, or pushing switches, buttons, or appliance knobs.

In the 21st century, a 'smart house' is one organized home automation system that connects all the electrical devices and automatically manages them using AI, artificial intelligence. Any device that uses electricity can be put to the homeowner's command by using a home network in which multiple home computers communicate. Smart homes and automation systems are made possible because of IoT technology, the Internet of Things. The internet, part of the desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, and objects and products are interconnected by one organized home automation system — from the 'fridge to the furnace.'

Fantasy Becomes Reality

Let's step back a bit from the ultimate fantasy of power packs on the back, flying cars, and 'instant' meals with the press of a button, as depicted in an imaginative animated cartoon, as the present reality for 21st-century smart homes and automation technology. However, ABIresearch, a market-foresight firm, reported that smart home devices grew 55% in 2018 over 2017, which is 70 million homes worldwide with one or more smart home devices using IoT technology.

ATX Electrical certainly understands that some of our Austin, Texas neighbors like to keep to a more traditional home lifestyle where technology is concerned. Still, in our estimation, IoT technology for home electrical systems will become not just the wave of the future for 21st-century homes but a tsunami! Smart homes and automation will add value to any home investment, and ATX Electrical is here to assist homeowners to a slow and steady home transformation with the smart home electrical installation services:

Smart Lighting: Smart light bulbs replace the traditional light bulb for lamps and electric sockets. An internet-connected hub connects all bulbs and allows home lighting control from a central location.

Heating and Air Conditioning: Internet-connected heating and cooling systems can monitor a home's temperature conditions using smart sensors.

Video Doorbells: A smart doorbell allows Austin, Texas homeowners to use their Smartphone app to watch and talk with the visitor outside the home with the doorbell's built-in high-definition infrared camera and microphone.

Remote Home Monitoring Surveillance: IoT technology has re-shaped home video surveillance using AI monitors and sensors. Images captured by a security camera are sent to remote monitoring stations where security professionals evaluate the present activity, communicate with the intruder, which usually sends them fleeing, and can call emergency services and anyone needing to be notified.

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